Saturday, November 5, 2011

Photo: Tim Thomas Gets Into Movember By Ordering All To "Grow Your Mo"

First it was Jonas Hiller.  Now Tim Thomas has gotten into the act of using his goalie mask to promote Movember. In Goal Mag posted the above images of what the Bruins’ goaltender will be wearing this month.

The mustache on Thomas is great all by itself, but it is the other touches to the mask that make it even better.  Having Thomas wearing a “Captain’s hat” ordering people to grow their mustaches is great stuff.  If that wasnt enough check out what the backplate is going to look like:

The touch of adding a mustache to the Bruin bear is phenomenal.  Thomas made the mask look good tonight with a shutout in the Bruins 7-0 win over Toronto.

In Goal has details on how you can participate in raising funds for the Tim Thomas Foundation and get a chance to win the mask directly from Thomas himself.