Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Avery Won't Play Tomorrow, Says All Right Things On First Day Back

Avery returned to New York Rangers practice today and found himself in a rotation with the fourth line leading tot he expectation that he would be a healthy scratch tomorrow as I suggested he should this morning.  In meeting with reporters after practice Avery said that there was no reason to change the lineup because of him not skating for a few days and the way the team played Monday.  John Tortorella confirmed that the same lineup will go tomorrow and Avery

Avery has a reputation of a selfish player from some because of the bad penalties he has taken at points in his career, but he has never struck me as selfish or a bad teammate.  It is excellent to see him with the understanding of how well the team played Monday and not wanting to change that up just so he can play.  He will get his chance shortly and I have no doubt he will be ready for it.  What comes of it, we shall see.

In terms of his feelings about being back in the NHL and more specifically New York, the Rangers official twitter had the following quote.
Avery: "I love playing for this team and I'm excited to play in the new building...I have loved every game I have ever played for this team" 
For the most part I am indifferent on Avery, but the one thing I have always respected about him is you never had to wonder if he loved wearing the Rangers sweater.  Obviously his effectiveness with it has differed through the years, but you always knew he wanted to be hear and wanted to do well.