Thursday, October 6, 2011

Sather Giving False Hope On Possibility of Avery Being Recalled To Rangers

While some were shocked when the New York Rangers waived Sean Avery earlier this week, the writing has been on the wall for this move over the past year, at least.  In the best case scenario there is a lack of trust between coach John Tortorella and Avery and at worst it is a personal problem between the two men.  That is why Larry Brooks reporting in the New York Post that GM Glen Sather said that Avery could play his way back on the roster seems disingenuous.
“Of course we could recall him if he’s in Hartford and earns that,” Sather said as the Rangers skated on an NHL-sized rink for the first time in nine days. “You never know; somebody could play his way off this team.”

“I think Sean has been a good player for us but you have to get the perspective from the coaches on that.”
These just seems to be giving supporters of Avery false hope that he can find himself back on Broadway at some point this season.  Avery does have the ability to play himself into a position worthy of a recall from Hartford, but the issues with him and Tortorella seem to discount that as a real possibility of actually happening.  Beyond that the Rangers have younger players like Ryan Bourque and Carl Hagelin who could fill the roster spot without the potential headaches that Avery would bring to the roster.