Thursday, October 20, 2011

Lundqvist Should Get The Nod Tonight

Regardless of how well Henrik Lundqvist plays this season, Martin Biron is going to get 15-20 starts to keep Lundqvist fresh for late in the year and the playoffs.  The question becomes with Henrik Lundqvist as locked in as he is right now, when does Biron get his first start this season for the New York Rangers.  In the New York Post, Larry Brooks thinks that tonight will be that night.  Brooks might be right that tonight is the first start for Biron, but it should not be.

Coach John Tortorella has gone back and forth between the idea of sticking with the goaltender and sticking to whatever schedule he makes out for when Biron will play.  Following Lundqvist 40 save shutout performance Tuesday against the Canucks, he should be the man between the pipes tonight.  Biron could still get a start on the trip, either Saturday against the Oilers or Monday against the Jets.  Let Lundqvist continue his groove tonight and have Biron ready to make his debut in one of the next two.  Certainly a great problem to have for Tortorella as he has one of the best backup goaltenders in the league itching to get in there.