Thursday, August 4, 2011

Kreider Listed As 10th Best NHL Prospect By ESPN

Adam Rotter over at SNYRangersblog found an ESPN Insider article by Grant Sonier that list New York Rangers prospect Chris Kreider as the 10th best prospect in hockey.  Kreider has been highly regarded in other scouting rankings as he was 18th according to The Hockey News and listed 23rd by Hockey’s Future in their respective rankings this year.  He certainly has the natural talent to be a special player for the Rangers in the future, though ranking him 10th overall amongst NHL prospects seems a bit high given the production that he has come up with in the past year.

According to Rotter, Sonier focuses on skating as the best attribute Kreider has, calling him one of the best skaters in all of hockey.  Skating along with his physical size have been the most cited positives in talking about the potential that Kreider has for the NHL level.  

Sonier believes that despite the production criticisms that Kreider has received, the potential is what continues to hold him so high amongst the prospect rankings.

He says that Kreider is not only one of the best skaters in the NCAA’s, he is one of the best skaters in all of hockey.  This is the year for Kreider to breakout in the production department as well or more will start to whisper about whether the potential and tools that are so touted will turn into actual results on the ice.