Friday, August 5, 2011

Does Avery's Arrest Mark End of Tenure With Rangers, NHL?

With news of Sean Avery’s arrest this morning it is natural to wonder what it means for his career both in the NHL and with the New York Rangers.  Given Avery’s history, one would expect the NHL to at least review if not take action against Avery for his conduct.  The NHL has not been as forceful as the NFL in punishing for conduct outside of the games themselves, but few have the history does with the league that Avery does.  Beyond the NHL, there have to be questions as to whether this will cause the Rangers to decide that the headaches that can come with Sean Avery are not worth the $1.9375 they have to carry against the cap this season to keep him.

At this stage of his career, while still have both skill as a player and an agitator, the inconsistency of Avery and lack of trust the coaching staff has in him might make this the final straw for his time with the Rangers.  With the team having to eliminate at least one forward from the current roster in order to get under the cap this fall, this move by Avery might make that decision easier, while also creating an opportunity for a young player to make the team.