Monday, July 18, 2011

Video: Derek Stepan, Ryan McDonagh Talk High School Battles Against Each Other

Derek Stepan and Ryan McDonagh have battled with and against each other since high school and in Part 1 of their sitdown with Blueshirts United they talk about battles they had in high school.  The story of how Stepan "schooled" McDonagh on a play in one meeting only to try the same move again in the next game against him and get flattened says a lot about both players.  The battle that Stepan won shows the skill he has on the ice and then the response by McDonagh when Derek tried it again shows the intelligence he plays the game with and how well he adjusts to what he sees.

Along with those high school stories they discussed the building of their friendship at Wisconsin and the what they are working on getting degrees in.

Video via Blueshirts United: