Friday, July 29, 2011

Ryan Callahan Talks Rangers Commitment To Young Core, Captaincy

Newly re-signed forward Ryan Callahan talked with Blueshirts United about the three-year, $12.825 million agreement that will keep the heart and soul of the New York Rangers leading the team for the near future.  The discussion featured a variety of topics, but the most interesting quotes revolved around the expectations of the team next season and the leadership group the team has going forward.

On retaining the restricted free agents, expectations for next year:
It means a lot to us players to see management backing up what they have been saying that they are trying to build something here, starting with the core, and signing us all to multi-year deals. It shows us that we are the ones they want to go into the future with, so now we have to live up to that on our end. Next year looks really good for us, and we have to enter the year thinking we are top competitors who can go out and win this year.
Callahan is exactly right that organization did their part in committing to the young core that gave the fan base hope last season, while adding the pieces around it to allow the team to take the next step.  The key now, as Callahan said, is for all of those players they committed to with new contracts to live up to their end of the bargain.

On the captaincy:
We have a lot of leaders on this team, though there is a bit of a void there losing Chris (Drury) and what he brought to the table. But at the same time we have great group of guys in there where so many of them could be named captain and lead the way and do a great job at it. For me, the C, an A, whatever, I am going to continue to do what I do---go out there and work hard every night and set the right example. And for the other guys, whether you have a letter or not, we still need them to lead.
Callahan is going to wear the 'C' for this team, but he is right that the letters are not what makes leaders and the Rangers are going to have a series of different leaders with different styles on the club next season. Callahan, Staal and Richards are more of the quiet, lead by example types where Dubinsky and perhaps Boyle have the more outspoken style, at least with the public.