Sunday, July 31, 2011

Photo: Is This The Rangers Winter Classic Jersey?

While the NHL is still working out the contractual issues with Citizen's Bank Park before officially announcing that the New York Rangers and Philadelphia Flyers will be the 2012 Winter Classic game, potential game jerseys have popped up on the internet.  Ricky Otazu (@Dagoon44) tweets the above picture of a jersey that is currently selling online.  There is no telling if these are going to be what the final product will look like as it could just be a knockoff jersey maker looking to get a jump on possible incarnations of the jersey.  The use of Messier instead of a current Ranger only makes determining how real it is that much more difficult. 

Not sure how I would feel about the use of the shield on the jersey instead of likely New York in letters diagonally across the jersey.  The idea of basically a road heritage is something I think would go over very well.