Sunday, July 17, 2011

Nathan Horton Loses Time With Stanley Cup When It Gets Lost At Airport

When a team wins the Stanley Cup each player gets their day to spend with the trophy.  Today is Nathan Horton’s day to have hockey’s biggest prize in his possession.  As if missing the last four games of the Stanley Cup Finals was not enough for Horton due to the severe concussion today he was cost time with the Cup as it was temporarily missing. 

Horton was waiting for the Cup to get to Buffalo, but it did not arrive when it was supposed to.  Horton’s wife, Tammy Plante-Horton told her followers on twitter about how the Cup was missing, but it turns out that the issue was actually the handler was late and the Cup never made it on the right flight.  It was later found on the ramp in Boston, so all hockey fans can take a deep breath.  However Nathan Horton gets cheated out of some of the experience that goes along with the Stanley Cup.  First it was on the ice and not being able to play to win it and now it is on his day with it.