Wednesday, July 20, 2011

MSG To Televise Rangers Games at Traverse City Tournament

MSG Network announced today that they will be broadcasting all four New York Rangers games at the Traverse City Prospect Tournament in early September.  Traverse City is a great chance to get to see prospects that many have not seen play before and see how they stack up against other prospects around the league.  

The tournament will be held September 10 through September 14th this year.  The format of the tournament is quite simple in that each team will play three games round-robin style and then based on the rankings pair off with the team that finished in the same position in the standings in the other division.  The eight teams participating this year are Detroit, Buffalo, Carolina, St Louis, Minnesota, Columbus, Dallas and the New York Rangers.

The schedule is as follows:
September 10 7:00 pm vs St. Louis

September 11 6:00 pm vs Dallas
September 13 3:30 pm vs Carolina

September 14 (NYR TBD)
3:00 pm 7th place – 4 vs 4
3:30 pm 5th place – 3 vs 3
6:30 pm 3rd place – 2 vs 2
7:00 pm Championship – 1 vs 1

This is a great move by MSG to publicize the prospects that will become the future of the Rangers franchise within a few years.