Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Dubinsky Likely Headed To Arbitration Hearing As Gap Exists On Long-Term Contract

With the arbitration hearing for Brandon Dubinsky less than two days away there was bound to be some news today about the progress between his representatives and the New York Rangers on a new long-term contract.  While not totally surprising, it is still bad to hear the negative news come out today from Larry Brooks of the New York Post. 
Unless theres dramatic shift, Dubinsky headed to arb on Thur, sides not close enough yet on longterm. Talks continue with Callahan, arb 7/28
The initial reaction for followers of the Rangers will be a combination of anger that the team has not locked up a key player to a long-term deal and assuming that the issue is Dubinsky’s fault for being greedy.  There is likely some merit to both sides.  The reality is that Dubinsky has the leverage in an arbitration hearing this year based on his performance and importance to the Rangers last season.  It is that leverage that led me to say that the Rangers would have to overpay Dubinsky in order to avoid this hearing on Thursday.  The two sides could still work something out in the next 48 hours, but as Brooks says it would take a dramatic shift to see it happen.  The contract for Andrew Ladd is the best basis for a long-term deal with Dubinsky though likely more than the Rangers would like to pay to lock up a key piece of their young core.

In other news the Rangers are likely to re-sign Steve Eminger