Thursday, July 21, 2011

Brandon Dubinsky Talks About New Contract Keeping Him With Rangers

Newly re-signed forward Brandon Dubinsky talked with Larry Brooks of the New York Post this morning following the four year, $16.8 million agreement that allowed him and the New York Rangers to avoid the arbitration hearing that was scheduled for today. 
“I wanted to be in New York, it’s the place I live, it’s the place I love and I want to be here forever,” Dubinsky, who led the Rangers in goals, assists and points (24-34=58) last season, told The Post by phone before flying home. “At the end of the day, I think it’s a homerun for me. I hope the team feels the same way.”
Both sides should view the final outcome as that homerun not only because of how important Dubinsky is to the Rangers and the price he is locked up for over the next four seasons, but for the animosity and discord that was averted by the avoidance of the hearing where the team would have had to diminish Dubinsky's value to the club in order to lower his cost.

“I can’t even tell you how much I’m looking forward to the season,” Dubinsky said. “With all the guys we have coming back plus the signings we’ve made with Richie [Brad Richards] and Mike Rupp, I think we’re going to be a contender in the East; I really feel that way.
“I high have expectations for myself and for the team. The last couple of years we’ve talked about being contenders. Now I truly believe we have the team to do it, not just talk about it.”
Completing the long-term deal with Dubinsky continues the positive steps the Rangers have taken this summer.  While this deal doesn't change the expectations of the team because he was always going to be here, the fact that he will be looking to prove he is worth the money should lead to even bigger things from Dubinsky on the ice.