Friday, July 8, 2011

Arbitration Hearing Dates Set For Dubinsky, Boyle, Callahan

Each of the three remaining restricted free agents for the New York Rangers has the potential to go to an arbitration hearing to settle their contract issues with the team.  Today the NHLPA announced when those hearings would be held, if they are necessary.  

  • Brandon Dubinsky: July 21
  • Brian Boyle: July 25
  • Ryan Callahan: July 28
As I said these dates are only if necessary because deals can be worked out before these ever come to be, as was the case with Michael Sauer this morning.  The order of the dates is intriguing because most would expect for Callahan to have been the next contract done, and he still could be, but with Dubinsky having the first hearing there could be more focus on getting that deal hammered out before a hearing ever happens.

The best part about these dates is that it means the contracts for all three should be decided before August.