Monday, June 13, 2011

Rumor: Toronto Looking To Deal For Dubinsky?

The offseason is the time where the rumor mill goes crazy as there is little actual news to report right now.  There is a buzz going around twitter concerning a rumor with New York Rangers restricted free agent Brandon Dubinsky potentially ending up with the Toronto Maple Leafs.  Here is the rumor from BD Gallof of Hockey Independent
Speaking of rumors, heard #Leafs of a tentative deal in place possibly for Dubinsky who is #NYR RFA. Cost? 1st rd pick, player & prospect

My guess? That's the #leafs offer and Rags more likely to try to hold on and resign him.
Before all Rangers fans either freak out at the idea of Dubinsky leaving or celebrate because they think he is not worth the money he wants, let us remember it is just a rumor as was clearly pointed out.  Looking at the rumor itself is kind of difficult for the lack of names involved, but the idea that Dubinsky could net a first, player and prospect should awaken some Rangers fans to the value Dubinsky is seen to have around the league. 

For Burke he gets a top six forward that fits the mold of player he likes as he heads into the prime of his career and improves his team today.  Burke is not afraid to overpay for the player he wants, and one would suspect a move like this for Burke is not about Dubinsky alone, but further enticing Brad Richards to go to Toronto.  A line of Dubinsky-Richards-Kessel would be lethal and certainly make Toronto a likely playoff team next season.  Even if they failed to lure Richards, having Dubinsky, Kessel, Kulemin, Grabovski, MacArthur in the fold gives the Leafs a very solid forward group.

For the Rangers this kind of a deal would come down the players involved and what the atmosphere around contract negotiations with Dubinsky is like.  Having teams this interested in Dubinsky gives both sides of the contract negotiations an element of leverage as it shows the Rangers that other teams will pay Dubinsky what he likely wants, while showing the agents that if he wants to stay in New York that there might have to be some give in the price or they can move him.  The key player for this deal would likely be if Burke was willing to include Nazem Kadri and if he was the Rangers would have to seriously consider the deal for the potential of Kadri down the line.  Losing Dubinsky would be a huge blow to the Rangers next season and dent their core, but if Kadri was to be involved, getting him a first and an NHL player would be an excellent haul for Dubinsky long-term. In the end I do not see the Rangers letting Dubinsky go because of his overall value to this team. 

Rumors are just that until they actually happen so there is no need to freak out or celebrate, depending on your side, until the deal is actually done.