Monday, June 20, 2011

Rangers Summer Salary Cap: Who Counts And How Much Against It

Jesse Spector of The New York Daily news tweeted the details of the Rangers summer roster in terms of which players count against the summer cap and for how much.  
    • Notes: Salaries listed for the RFA's are just their qualifying offers and not what is being projected for their salaries next season.  Chad Kolarik total is actually the combination of charges for Kolarik, Newbury, Talbot and Grachev based on time in NHL this past season.
If the cap does go to $64 million as was reported earlier today, the Rangers would have approximately $15.5 million in space on the summer cap after counting the RFA qualifying offers.    Unlike Jesse, I am not counting Matt Gilroy and his $2.1 million qualifying offer because I do not expect him to be qualified at that large an amount, but the total for the other five RFA’s is $6.36 million.  That means the New York Rangers will approximately $22 million to sign the five RFA’s and chase Brad Richards over the summer. 

Twenty-two million is enough money to get the job done and the Rangers will also get help in September when they can LTIR Drury and send Redden down to the minors.  Being added onto the cap would potentially be a player like Tim Erixon ($1.75) who does not count against the summer cap since he did not play in the NHL at all last season.