Saturday, June 18, 2011

Despite Drury Rangers Summer Cap Numbers Show Tight But Doable Scenario

With the announcement yesterday that Chris Drury could not be bought out of his contract this month as was anticipated there was some consternation over what it meant to the Rangers offseason plan.  The biggest question was whether the Rangers had to make other moves in order to sign Brad Richards and keep all the restricted free agents in the fold under the summer cap.  The answer is that they can, but the money will be tight.

Using the rumored $62.2 million cap number and the 10% overage allowance as a base to fit all the players under the summer limit of $68.42 million on the Cap Geek Cap Calculator  the following roster emerged...
As you can see the wiggle room in this scenario is very minimal (445K) and the projections on the salaries for the restricted free agents and Brad Richards could obviously vary in either direction, but the estimation gives an idea of what could play out.  Once camp hits however the Rangers would come remove $13.55 million in dead cap space with Redden being moved down, and Drury being moved to LTIR.  There is salary to be brought up in the form of players like Tim Erixon and/or another defender (s) that could be added to the roster.  The potential LTIR relief from Drury would allow the Rangers to go as high as $7.05 million over the cap number, but that cannot happen until September.

One key to this working for the Rangers would be either the belief that players in the minors can fill the remaining couple roster spots they would be unable to sign players for or the ability to get players to take professional tryouts in coming to camp without a contract until the Rangers can have the flexibility to sign them at that point.