Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Rangers' Boyle Training With Barb Underhill Again, Recruiting Teammates To Join

Brian Boyle has a tremendous turnaround season during the 2010-11 campaign for the New York Rangers due in large measure to his improved skating from his work with Barbara Underhill last summer.  While answering fan questions for Blueshirts United he announced that he will be working with Underhill again this summer, which is great news for the potential of him repeating his season again because his skating improvement created so many opportunities for him.  Instead of being a second late he was able to get in on the forecheck better, use his physical size and strength more both on and off the puck and his improved speed allowed him to have more scoring opportunities. 

To further the good news, Boyle announced that he is getting some of his teammates to go with him.  He said that Wojtek Wolski is going with him and that both Brandon Prust and Michael Del Zotto are possible participants as well.  If Underhill can do for any of them what she did for Boyle it will pay huge dividends for the Rangers on the ice next season.  If I had to pick two guys to send to Underhill it would be Artem Anisimov and Brandon Dubinsky.  Both players are extremely talented, but both could use work on becoming better power skaters.  For Anisimov it is about strength on the puck and having a better foundation, which he also needs to get in the weight room to get.  With Dubinsky is more about refining his stride to improve his speed and cut down on the strain he puts on his legs with his current one.

It is welcomed news that Boyle is not satisfied with his career year and is still putting in the work necessary to get better.  Along with that it is encouraging both from a leadership standpoint and a team unity one that he is getting some of his teammates to get in on what worked so well for him and his career.

Check out the video of Boyle answering those questions and more: