Friday, May 13, 2011

Winter Classic 2012 Set To Have Rangers at Flyers January 2

The speculation about the 2012 Winter Classic can now come to an end.  The New York Rangers and Philadelphia Flyers will meet on January 2, 2012 according to Andrew Gross of Ranger Rants.  The game will take place at Citizen’s Bank Park, the Phillies baseball stadium.  The reason for the shift from January 1, which has been the date of the Winter Classic to this point, to January 2 is purely because January 1 is a Sunday and the NHL did not want to go up against the NFL.

This will be the first time the Rangers have been involved in the Winter Classic and having it be against the rival Flyers will make it special for all involved.  Playing in Citizen’s Bank as opposed Lincoln Financial where they could fit more fans and have better lines of vision is somewhat disappointing.  Playing the game in New York does not seem to be an option for the NHL until Yankee Stadium is available, so that will not happen until 2014.

There is a presumption that the Rangers being involved means the team will be involved in next season’s HBO “24/7” special to give even more insight to your beloved Blueshirts.  It is somewhat surprising to see the Rangers, especially coach John Tortorella, agree to such access, but it is great for the fans and the sport.