Monday, April 4, 2011

Drury Return Could Boost Rangers In Playoffs If Used In Olympic Style Role

Bruce Bennett/Getty Images
It was only an optional for the New York Rangers this morning, but there was a surprising participant on the ice in the form of team captain Chris Drury.  Drury who has only played in 23 games this season and produced only four assists is trying to work his way back from his third injury to cost him significant time this year. After twice breaking his finger he is now rehabbing from knee surgery and while many Rangers fans will focus on the salary and the lack of points he produces for the money they should not discount the things he could add to the team in the playoffs as a depth forward. 

His role for us could be similar to the role he had with Team USA in the Olympics last year where he was a role player who can add faceoff skills, strong defensive play and penalty killing to his previous playoff experience would be a boost to the team.  Have to realize that in the playoffs the bench will get shortened to three lines so having a role player who can do what Drury can do likely makes him as or more valuable than any of Christensen, Wolski or Avery, especially depending on the matchup.  Drury is not going to add much of anything on offense, but when every goal is critical in the playoffs preventing them can be just as important to the team’s success.  While his high will certainly be lower than any of those other three he is more consistent in what he does well and you need that in the extra season.