Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Staal To Sit Again, Time To Worry About How Serious His Injury Is?

Richard Wolowicz/Getty Images
I do not want to hit the panic button in terms of any injury, but it is starting to feel necessary when it comes to Marc Staal and his undisclosed injury that will keep him out for the second straight game tonight.  Rangers’ coach John Tortorella is refusing to reveal the nature of the injury which is the smart move in terms of preventing Staal from being targeted when he returns to the lineup, but you have to wonder how soon that will be and at what level he will return.

The general assumption even if not officially disclosed is that the injury for Staal is related his prior knee injury which he suffered against Carolina a month ago and caused him to miss three games at the time.  If he has re-aggravated the knee then things could be relatively serious in terms of his effectiveness down the stretch and in the playoffs.  It also makes you wonder at just how serious the first injury was when he probably pushed himself to come back sooner than he should have and once again question the sheer number of minutes he has been logging this year.

If this is injury is something that causes Staal to miss significant time, is going to linger or becomes something that forces him think on the ice about how it is going to react those are bad things for the Rangers in crunch time.  For now day-to-day is ok, but until he starts at least skating again I will have my finger near the panic button because if the Rangers are going to have a chance they need 18 back there patrolling the blue line and smashing down the opposing team’s top offensive players.