Monday, March 28, 2011

Rangers To Open Season In Stockholm, Berlin or Helsinki?

For some time it has been presumed that the Rangers would open the 2011-12 season in Europe as they have been one of the originally six teams slated to go.  Last week it was reported that the idea of Russia had been taken off the table with the breakdown in negotiations between the NHL and KHL over the terms of the agreement.

According to Pierre LeBrun at the Rangers are still likely to go overseas, but now the most likely destinations will be Stockholm, Helsinki or Berlin.  Making the trip to Europe has always made sense for the Rangers in terms of opening next season due to the renovations that are being done at Madison Square Garden that will leave home ice unavailable throughout the preseason and likely the end of October. 

For obvious reasons I am sure both Henrik Lundqvist and Rangers’ fans would prefer the season start in Stockholm.  The other teams in the now four team discussions for the start of the year in Europe are Buffalo, Los Angeles. Anaheim.