Thursday, March 24, 2011

Rangers, NHL Wont Start In Russia Next Season

According to Dmitry Chesnokov of Yahoo!'s Puck Daddy the talks between the National Hockey League and the Kontinental Hockey League to begin the 2011-12 NHL season is Russia have officially been pronounced dead. This development will kill rumors the New York Rangers, along with the Washington Capitals might open the season in Russia.

Here is part of the statement from KHL President Alexander Medvedev today:
"It looks like that we will not see such matches next season. And we have only one reason that the NHL due to their, sort of say, exclusively business-like approach…"

The biggest problem appears to be what it normally is, money.  The NHL wanted guaranteed revenue for the games, but give the economy the KHL saw the demands as too significant for the deal to happen.  This will probably end up being good news for most Rangers fans who are holding out hope for a trip to Sweden next year.