Saturday, February 12, 2011

The Quick Fix Is Not the Answer, Let Them Find Their Way Through It

Maybe things were going too well before the recent losing streak that it seems there is a collective rush to the edge of the cliff among the New York Ranger fan community at the moment.  The six game losing streak is awful, without question, but it was also something that one had to expect was going to come.  This team is extremely young and developing at many different positions so the fact that they are having stumbles should not shock anyone, if anything, the shock should be at how little they had struggled to this point in the year, and how far all of these players have come.
I watched the reaction to last night’s game, at least in the twitter universe, and while absolutely frustrated with the loss myself, I could not comprehend some of the comments I was seeing on my screen.  There were those that were seeking to blame particular individuals for the loss and then there were those calling for trades to change the team so they can “fix” what is going on right now.  I will deal with the former later and the latter now. 
The last thing this team should be doing right now is making a trade.  The urge to make is understandable because there is that desire to have things change from the current course they are on within the season, but depending on the trade and what assets have to be given up you risk altering the positive course the team has been traveling on throughout the year, and into the future.  The fact that the team is having a blow-up of sorts does not mean it is time to start dealing off pieces that are crucial to this franchise in the future for rentals to ensure they make the playoffs this year.  I think the playoffs would be a great experience for all of these young players, but the cost to future, depending on the deal, is unlikely to be worth it.  Let them play.  Let them find their way through this.  That in the end might be the biggest growing experience these guys have this year.