Sunday, February 13, 2011

Photos: Zuccarello, Boyle, Stepan All Play Goalie As Fans Watch Practice.

On Saturday afternoon members of Blueshirts United were invited to come and watch the Rangers practice.  Thanks to the generous Catherine Smith, aka cathybytes, I can show you some of the pictures that she took at practice.  Everyone be sure to thank her for allowing me to post her pictures, and check out rest of the shot she got from her day at the practice facility in the full gallery.

I chose ones that were not from practice itself, but the end of practice when Brian Boyle, Michael Del Zotto, Mats Zuccarello and Derek Stepan had some fun for the fans who were there and resulted in them taking turns in net and having breakaways on each other.  I think these demonstrate the fun nature of the guys on the club and how much they enjoy being around each other.  The Rangers are building something special with this group and do not let the current losing streak let you lose sight of that being the case.  Anyway, here is the visual evidence of some of what ensued.
Derek Stepan slides in on Brian Boyle
Boyle imitates Hasek as he tries to stop Del Zotto

Mats Zuccarello kick save on Del Zotto
The Hobbit is Helpless
Zuccarello stacks "the pads" covering 1/3rd of the net
Zuccarello tries to hold off Boyle as he breaks in on Stepan who slides across
Sara (@osaraba) with Ron Duguay