Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Kaberle Drama: Would He Waive NTC for Rangers?

With Tomas Kaberle on the block yet again there has been a lot of talk concerning not just which teams would be interested in dealing for him, but the teams he would waive his no-trade clause if a trade could be worked out.  Over the past few days there has been massive twitter chatter about Kaberle concerning whether he had or had not already waived his NTC and if he had made it clear he would only go to one team. 

The conversation about him narrowing his list of acceptable teams started two days ago with a Incarceratedbob saying it was down to one team and that being confirmed by Nick Kypreos yesterday as the Boston Bruins.  However, today on, Pierre LeBrun in debating different trade possibilities claimed that he thinks Kaberle would waive his no-trade if the Rangers were the team that Burke worked out a deal with.  Burke would love to have more than just the Bruins out there as suitors and acceptable places for Kaberle to go because it would increase his leverage as opposed to basically being in the position of giving him to the Bruins or keeping him.

There is so much bad information out there right now that it is hard to get a true read on what the Rangers are looking to do, what the Kaberle camp want and what exactly Brian Burke is asking for.  The only things that are certain right now is that level of bad information is only going to rise and the market is vastly overpriced at the moment making one have to wonder if dealing for Kaberle is even worth it.  When Chris Kelly is getting a 2nd round pick, something is wrong here and says that Kaberle likely cannot be had without giving up a first round pick, which is simply too high a cost for him in my opinion.