Wednesday, January 19, 2011

With Dubinsky Out Avery Moves Up With Gaborik; More Details on Injury

Jesse Spector tweets the reconfigured lines for tonight:

For all those who wanted Avery to get more time and a more offensive role he certainly is poised to do that with the injury to Dubinsky.  Avery has played well in the past with Gaborik and hopefully they will strike some magic again as there are not many other options at the moment.

Zipay adds that Dubinsky's leg has been bothering him for awhile. Yesterday following practice he finally had it checked out and after an MRI yesterday and bone bone scan today the injury was diagnosed.  The fact that it somewhat of a longer term thing would explain the slow down in his production but speaks to Dubinsky's grit and toughness to keep playing as hard as he has in the interim while logging the minutes he has been asked to carry.