Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Daily Recap: Del Zotto Demoted/Upset; McDonagh Up To Not Play?; Callahan Void Widens; Prucha Back?; McIlrath Fight

The big news of the day with the New York Rangers was Michael Del Zotto being sent down to the Connecticut Whale and Ryan McDonagh being called up in his stead.  There have been differing opinions on the merits of this move and analysis of the positives and negatives over the past week or so once it became very apparent the option was on the table.  Obviously now that the demotion has happened there will be plenty more and I certainly offer mine and the reasons why right now even if I was not always certain of late this appears to be the best move for Del Zotto.  Also in the article I give some background on the season Ryan McDonagh has had for the Whale in the AHL, the adjustment period he went through and what kind of defender I see him as at this level.

In that article detailing the move to send one down and call up the other I finished it by opining that I hoped in calling McDonagh to the Rangers they were going to play him and not put him in the press box and maybe it was instinct/intuition or maybe it was  just having been jaded by the organization in the past.  Either way it turns out that nagging feeling was accurate as it was announced that even with him coming up he will not be playing on Wednesday.  Personally I do not understand calling McDonagh up to not play and ranted on that along with wondering if based on quotes if Del Zotto rejected the premises presented to him in his demotion discussion.  The tone of the quotes seems to suggest that an at least disagreeable meeting occurred between Torts and Del Zotto when he was informed he was being sent down.  I have no problem with him being upset because as a competitor he should be.  Maybe the cause of the problem was Torts gave him the same excuses he gave the rest of us like we are retarded and cannot understand the real causes of why Del Zotto was demoted.  Discussion of that also in the post.

In other news Petr Pruch was put on re-entry waivers and that has excited some of his diehard fans about the possibility of him coming back to the Rangers.  I think it is more likely with all the injuries than it would otherwise be, but not sure if it would happen.  I give my thoughts on why I believe it should or should not happen inside.

Today’s main article was about how the loss of Ryan Callahan is really starting to show not necessarily in the win/loss column but in the way the Rangers are going about their business in games in terms of their forecheck and energy level.  Really it seems that in Callahan’s absence the team is getting away from their identity.  I propose some reasons for that as well as a player who might be able to change some of the aspects of what appears to missing from the club right now without Callahan and turn that mentality back around to where it was for so long this season.

In the video section today there are three items:
There is video of the Ruslan Fedotenko injury and the reason to watch it is not to see the injury, but to appreciate the level of dedication to the team shown by Fed on the play to get up from it and continue to put his body in harm’s way going down to block more shots on the shift.
Rangers 2010 1st round pick Dylan McIlrath got into a fight Sunday night with Sena Acolaste so check out that video.
Finally there is a Toews crazy/wacky goal winner in the Chicago LA game this evening when the puck played ping-pong off the goalie in multiple spots and then on a clear the puck was played in the net off Toews skate.