Thursday, January 6, 2011

Grabovski Goes Spin-o-rama then Forehand For Shootout Beauty (Video)

The talent of Mikhail Grabovski has never been in question during his time with the Toronto Maple Leafs but the production and capitalization on that talent has not always been.  The consistency has been coming of late and tonight he not only scored a goal in regulation play but flashed the talent beautifully on what might be the move of the year. 

During the shootout Grabovski came wide down the right side and drove towards the middle making a relatively late move to the spin-o-rama and from where he was you would have thought he had to shoot it with the backhand, but he did the full spin, pulled the puck back and then lifted over the helpless Conklin on the forehand.  The scariest part of the whole exercise was how easy he made it look.