Sunday, January 9, 2011

Daily Recap: Biron Leads Win; Zuccarello-Aasen Adds Magic; Torts-Boyle; Prucha KHL?

The New York Rangers continued their hot play this evening when behind Martin Biron they scored a 2-1 win that took them out of St. Louis with the home team feeling blue.  The game marked the team’s third straight victory and saw the Rangers grind out another win in come from behind fashion.  The full game recap goes through the game as always in terms of scoring plays, key moments and how different players fared in the course of the action.  Tonight there are also a series of very interesting stats on the Rangers season that speak volumes to why after just 43 games the Rangers have collected a very impressive 53 points.  Could not have asked for a better weekend for the team, though certainly still some players the Rangers would love to kick into gear.
Before the game the decision to start Biron was announced along with a little bit of further clarification on the Boyle, Tortorella incident from Dallas.  If you are unaware the incident was late in the third period and the camera caught coach Tortorella berating Brian Boyle multiple times in a short sequence while Boyle took the lashing in a very professional manner.  Today Andrew Gross was able to give a little bit more background on what exactly went on, so check inside to see what he had to say along with why I believe Torts turned to Biron tonight instead of riding a red-hot Henrik Lundqvist

The main article on the site today dealt with Mats Zuccarello-Aasen and how he is showing a flare for the dramatic in his short stint thus far with the Rangers.  There appears to be this touch of magic that Zuccarello is adding to the Rangers with his late game heroics but also the skill and confidence he plays with as it is rubbing off on his teammates.  The Norwegian Hobbit Wizard really is casting spells and with as magical as the season as a whole has been it seems to have turned up another notch since Zucarello showed up and if he keeps it up he will be here the rest of the year looking to pull off the ultimate trick.
There was news out about how former Rangers forward Petr Prucha might be heading to the KHL after clearing re-entry waivers and being left in the AHL.  Find out which team he might be playing for and if going over there might spell the end of his time in the NHL or if it might just earn him another shot in the league.
This afternoon Sidney spoke about his current health status with his concussion issue and frankly was harsher on the league than many would expect especially with how the majority believes the league as a whole caters to him and gives him everything.  In the wide-ranging talk with the press he talked about the timeline of when he got the concussion, his displeasure with the lack of response from the league, the David Steckel hit and whether he thought it was intentional as well as when he might return.  Some very interesting comments in there and some that could only further how much fans around the league cannot stand him as a person.