Friday, December 24, 2010

Video: Jarome Iginla vs Jamie Benn In Knuckle Buster; Fight of Year Candidate?

LM Otero
Dallas Stars forward Jamie Benn and Calgary Flames captain Jarome Iginla squared off at 7:19 of the first period in a tremendous fight that lasted over a minute.  Benn would clearly get the better shots early, but being as tough as Jarome Iginla is means you do not quit on anything and he would fight back to land some big shots of his own in this battle and probably won overall.  The damage side definitely goes to Benn, but he was out of gas early waiting for the linesman to step in a stop it while Iggy just kept pounding him.  Also if the guys are going to take gear off before the fight as Iginla did, then Benn should definitely have removed his helmet.