Monday, December 20, 2010

Video: Deryk Engelland Knocks Out Taylor Pyatt With Vicious Right

The Pittsburgh Penguins were up 5-0 early in the third period against the Phoenix Coyotes and lopsided scores like that usually lead to fights because the team getting demolished wants to prove something and tonight was no different.  Oliver Ekman-Larsson would go at Evgeni Malkin’s legs with a crosscheck, and the Penguins would take exception.  Malkin had just missed games with knee issues, and has been hot since being back including a five point effort tonight, so his teammates stood up for him and a scrum ensued.  Out of that scrum would come Deryk Engelland and Taylor Pyatt which is not a good matchup for the Coyotes forward. 

Engelland a known tough guy in the league would show why after Pyatt tried his best to hold, but when it was over the only thing he will be holding tonight is ice on his jaw from where Engelland knocked him out with a right hand.  You see him hit with the right hand at :37 seconds and then in slow motion at 1:21 of the clip.  

You can bet that will be on 24/7 next week.