Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Scratch That: Rangers Will NOT Put Kennedy On Re-Entry Waivers or Trade

So the other day there were various reports about how the Rangers had given Tim Kennedy permission to seek a trade from his current state of exile in the AHL where the Rangers would likely not be able to call him up on re-entry waivers since they would lose him for nothing as his cap hit would be a measly 275K, which prorated at this points is more like 180K.  Well, Larry Brooks of the New York Post today said via twitter:
Sather:NYR have NOT told Tim Kennedy or agent they would put him on re-entry for trade. "Not a chance" GM tells Post.
That seems like a pretty adamant contradiction to the earlier speculation and understandable since they would very likely lose him for nothing by putting him on re-entry.  What I do not understand is why they would not look to move him for something/anything in a trade since he will never play here and is not exactly lighting up the world in Connecticut.  Sure at this point Kennedy wishes he has signed with a team like the Islanders or the Devils for as bad as their records are at least he would still be in the NHL right now trying to keep his career going in the right direction instead of watching at least a year fade away.