Monday, December 6, 2010

Daily Recap: Salary Cap Rising; Gaborik Must Step Up; Have Rangers Proven Anything?

Today there only a few stories on the blog as there was no actual team news, but there was analysis of the team as a whole, the man who is paid to be the star of the offense and what the salary cap changes means for the Rangers going forward.

The most important story of the day might be the one this evening when I looked at Marian Gaborik the man who was brought here to be the Rangers version of a Crosby or Ovechkin as a dangerous offensive threat in every game the Rangers play and this season he has failed mightily to do that.  He has had some phenomenal performances without question as he has two hat-tricks and two four point games this season, but those two games also account for his only multi-point performances and the Rangers need more from him.  The Full story, Will the Real Marian Gaborik Please Stand Up?, goes into the good and the bad of the season for Gabby so far, where the Rangers most need him to get better and how when he is he can change the attitude of his bench.

This afternoon I looked at the announcement that the NHL salary cap is likely going up 3 million dollars to 62.4 million for the 2011-12 season and all the ramifications that will have for the Rangers in terms of signing back their own players and going into the market for some of the top talent.  Does the Salary Cap Change the Rangers Options? Are Richards/Parise types Now Possible?  looks at the Rangers current cap situation for next year, what the amount of space is, how much it will cost to keep the guys they have and what is left over in terms of free agency.  It also looks at what if any possible moves the Rangers can make to create more room and how they should spend that money.

Finally this morning in, “Rangers 16-12-1 Record Due to Who They Are or Who They Played?

I looked at the legitimacy of the Rangers record in terms of the fact that it looks good on the surface but it is a product of the team the Rangers have played thus far on the schedule while also looking ahead to how the schedule is getting tougher from this point forward.