Saturday, December 4, 2010

Callahan Gets No Discipline for Nielsen Elbow; Prust Sits Out Practice

In last night's game against the Islanders Ryan Callahan had an illegal hit against the Islanders Frans Nielsen when he elbowed Nielsen in the head.  On the play he was assessed a two minute minor for elbowing, but should have gotten a five minute major for the hit.  If you have not seen the video of the hit it is here along with the fight that ensued after the hit.  I have been one who has complained about fighting after hits of late, but this was an example where I applauded Joensuu for sticking up for his teammate on what was clearly an illegal hit, though he does need to lose the visor if he really wants to fight.

Today the league ruled that there would be no suspension for Callahan in regards to the hit which is what many of us expected given Callahan's reputation as a clean, hard player and that it did not appear to be at all intentional.  I thought at most he would get a game, but great news for the Rangers and their fans because now Callahan will be in the lineup for tomorrow's game against the Senators.

In other news Brandon Prust sat out practice today with a sore shoulder, but is said to be in the lineup tomorrow as well.  I said the other night in a game thread that I would like to see Prust fight less not because I do not enjoy the fights he has but because the sheer number of fights he is having takes a toll on a body.  That does not even account for the physical way he plays normally, the increased minutes compared to any other point in his NHL career to account for all the bumps and bruises he has to be playing through.  The other reason I would like to see Prust fight less is as much as the fight might entertain he has become too important of a player on the ice to be lost in the box for five minutes unless the fight is absolutely necessary.