Sunday, December 12, 2010

Brandon Dubinsky Fights Alexander Ovechkin (Video)

Has the frustration in the nation's capital reached the boiling point for its hockey team as well?  In the second period of tonight's New York Rangers vs Washington Capitals game with the Rangers dominating play frustration boiled over for Alex Ovechkin who threw a hip check on Dan Girardi that while clean would draw the ire of the Rangers. Ovie would then skate out to the neutral zone and try fighting Brandon Dubinsky to get his team going but they would fail as well as Dubinsky after taking an early shot from Ovechkin would clearly get the better of him.  Ovechkin deserved to be called for the instigator as he clearly dropped the gloves and initiated the fight, but maybe the referees felt sorry for the Capitals star having to watch his team in this game.

The play for Dubinsky defines the difference in his game this season as he has consistently taken up for his teammates at every turn as have the Rangers for the most part this season to their credit.  Enjoy the fight.