Friday, November 26, 2010

The Original Reason For The Avery Rule That Cost Pronger's Flyers a Point Today

If we are going to talk about Chris Pronger and him being called for the "Avery rule" we cannot do that without looking back to the original that forced the NHL to come up with the rule in the first place. This play epitomizes the split on Sean Avery as those who love him think it is a wonderful play and Avery at his best while those who cannot stand him will see it is the epitome of why he should not even be in the league for things they see as below the dignity of the game.

Either way it was this play that in the end created the rule which would be enforced against Chris Pronger in OT against Calgary and instead of Mike Richards goal being the winner, the Flyers would lose to the Flames in a shoot-out.  Is nice to see that someone other than 16 in a Rangers sweater can actually be called for that penalty since I think most of us assumed it was an Avery specialty for the officials.