Wednesday, November 3, 2010

More Late Injury News: Lundqvist and Gaborik

As I am sure you have read everwhere by now Henrik Lundqvist was hit in the neck by a Brian Boyle shot in practice, was dazed, short of breath momentarily but is now said to be fine and could start tomorrow vs Phi.  The one who seemed the most shaken was Boyle because if he had actually seriously injured the King all of NY might have sought to destroy him.  This is what happens when you unleash the wrath of the new Brian Boyle, you just cannot ask him to contain his dominance at any point, even practice against his own franchise goaltender.

On the Gaborik front he took another step in his recovery skating again, this time with gear, though still alone.  He took shots again and still no timetable on his return.  If I was to project one for his return I figure he gets at least a week with some contact and in practice and since he hasnt even started skating with others even without contact yet I say 11/17 vs Boston as the general time I would expect him back.

Personal Note: Sorry for the lack of either updates or timely news the past few days, but as you know yesterday was Election Day and I was in a bunch of places for that and this morning was a recharge the batteries moment.  As of now should be back to normal here.