Sunday, November 7, 2010

The Hobbit Has Come Alive: Zuccarello Hat-Trick

Seems that the bogus rumor of Zuccarello going back to Sweden and giving up on pushing to make it in the NHL has sparked Mats game.  The rumor came out last weekend and in the 4 games since he now has 4G and 2A including a hat-trick and an assist so far tonight in a 5-0 lead for Hartford.  Nice to see Zuke respond in this way, shows fight and pride, maybe now is a good time to call him up and give him a chance for a few while injuries still impacting the big club.  Send Grachev back down and let Zuke get a shot on the 3rd line.

In the game tonight Tim "stuck in exile" Kennedy has 3 assists to bring his total to 2G 6A in 9 games.  Anyone else wish Kennedy had stayed and White was sent down since we can never call Kennedy back up.  Also Ryan McDonagh scored his first professional point with an assist.