Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Daily Recap: Will Flaws Derail Playoffs; Should Del Zotto Sit; Avery Slew Foot; Drury Out Longer; Prospect Review

Most of the talk this morning was still about the Crosby slew foot on Callahan, though I tried to avoid most of it after saying my piece on it last night.  Instead this morning I focused on areas of the game that are preventing the Rangers from being a sure playoff team or even taking a step further and contending.  The list was long and varied in terms of things on the ice, off the ice and even which ice they play on.  The full thoughts can be found here.

Later I would go on to look at reasons why Michael Del Zotto’s time to take a seat has finally come and to the surprise of many possibly the focus was on the offensive and not the defensive side of the ice.  There is so much talent there and the main problem in all phases of the game is that he is trying to rely on that talent to bail him out and not have to fully think the game out.  When he slows down and plays simple the talent will show out all on its own.  Full thoughts here.

During the afternoon I looked at the latest drama in the saga that is Chris Drury recovering from his finger problem.  Personally I am pretty fed up with the situation, and that is in the article but so is why the return was pushed back, when we might expect him back and what he is doing in the meantime.  All of that is here.

I did have a moment of weakness in terms of the Crosby conversation because I had heard from various Penguins fans, quite possibly the only group that actually believes Crosby did nothing wrong that Sean Avery slew footed or attempted to slew foot Crosby in the third period.  I asked each of these people for the video that showed it and told them I would post any such video.  After getting no response I did my work looking for it and it turns out I believe they are referring to the play in the third period in which Crosby got a penalty call for taking down Avery.  I put up a video of the play which comes with analysis from NHL Network.  You decided as it is here.

Finally I ended the night and the month of stories, my first full month with the site by taking a look at the Rangers prospects, how they fared in November and their overall play for the year.  That “report” can be found here.