Thursday, November 4, 2010

Chris Drury's Broken Finger; Prospal's Knee

According to Andrew Gross the injury to Chris Drury's finger in his season debut following the training camp injury was not just a break to another part of the same finger, as has been widely reported, but also a re-break in the original spot.  Gross adds that there is no timetable for the return of the captain, which is not at all surprising given that this is the second injury to the finger this year.  There is no reason to rush Drury back right now as the team is playing solid hockey and the last thing that they would want is a repeat of what just happened in that he rushes back, gets re-injured and misses another 6-8 weeks as opposed to sitting an extra week or so until he was fully ready.

Also according to Andrew Gross Prospal has no timetable for a return and is just going through the course of rehab on the knee both in and out of the pool.  I said earlier this year when the injury cropped up in training camp and the surgery to start the year that anything from Vinny this year would be considered gravy for me and I still think that way, so here's to hoping there is a lot of gravy coming.

As long as the Rangers are staying afloat or better as they have since the injuries have all come down I would expect the club to be extra cautious in bringing back any of Drury, Prospal or Gaborik until they are fully sure of their health.  It is the right course of action both in the short and long term interest of the club.