Friday, November 5, 2010

Carcillo Hit on Fedotenko Video and Discussion

First here is the Video:

Thoughts inside.

As far as the hit I keep seeing this morning and after the game this stuff about how the only reason he got hit in the was that Fedetenko ducked and Carcillo was trying to pull up. Frankly I call BS on both and the announcers covering for a Flyer in the clip just because they work for Philadelphia is awful.

If Carcillo was really trying to avoid the hit he never leaves his feet in the first place and when he does he certainly doesnt lead with his elbow. Even if you want to claim that the head contact was because of the duck there was still intent to injure from leaving his feet and leading with the elbow. If Carcillo fails to get suspended then the new rules on blindside hits which this obviously was are a complete and utter joke.

I am rarely one to agree with what Tortorella says but he had it exactly right last night when he said, "Sure, why wouldn’t I? What do we talk about? The tapes sent to us (for review), why send them. It’s a waste.”

Let me know your take.