Friday, October 29, 2010

Tortorella Eminger and The Song and Dance

Maybe my distaste for Steve Eminger is irrational or something I am not sure, you can certainly tell me, but I still don’t understand why he plays.  My bigger problem than him playing is the phony song and dance routine that Tortorella goes through before and after each game to justify the simple fact that he wants to play Eminger.  Obviously I do not have to agree with it or like it, but I wish Torts would just come out and say, “This is the guy I want to play,” and stop reaching for justifications.  Personally I believe that not only has Sauer played better in his four games than Eminger, but also Gilroy.  That said Tortorella is the coach and with that title he gets to make those calls regardless if they are based in fact or not, so just stop insulting the rest of us talking about rotations and sides and admit what you want to do and be done with it.  Rant over.