Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Marc Staal Gets an 'A'

In the absence of both Captain Chris Drury and Assistant Captain Vinny Prospal the New York Rangers have been down to just Ryan Callahan wearing a letter on his sweater.  That changed today as the team voted unanimously to give an A to Marc Staal during the absence of their two other captains.  I like the move as Staal already has the responsibilities of leading the defense, now he gets the letter to prove it and if anything it might make him more vocal, but I don’t want him to change who he is just for the letter.
"I think it's the right thing to do...he's a big part of our core...hopefully thrives in that position"
Join me after the break for more thoughts on what this means to the Rangers and the future.

When the Rangers started this "transition" to more of a focus on development and infusing players we developed into the system this is part of what was in the plans.  What I mean is not only do you want to produce talent that can help you win games with their play on the ice but you want to draft and develop individuals who can lead that team on and off the ice whether it be in a vocal manner or just by the example they set in how they conduct their business.  From the very beginning Marc Staal has conducted himself in the right way both on and off the ice and while this letter on his sweater might be temporary while Prospal is rehabbing it will not be long before they put it on and never take it back off.  Obviously the Rangers have another home grown letter wearer in Ryan Callahan and I expect we will have a few more with all the Captains and Assistant captains from their current or former clubs we have in our system (Stepan, McDonagh, Werek, Hagelin, Bourque, Christian Thomas) forgive me and inform me of anyone I missed.  The future is bright and cornerstones of it are already here.

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  1. it is nice to be developing our own potential leaders instead of having to farm them in from other places.