Friday, October 15, 2010

Injury News Galore: Gaborik, Drury, Prospal

As if losing the game tonight, though getting a point, was not enough bad news for Ranger fans the injury news is going to make it a lot worse. Full details inside.

  • The shoulder injury suffered in the 2nd period by star Marian Gaborik is being called a separation in which he is supposed to miss 2-3 or 2-4 weeks based on different reports.  I am sure more tests will be done in the coming days to see the severity, but if it is a separation I think 2 weeks is very optimistic.

  • Chris Drury returned from his preseason broken finger to go ahead and break the same finger again and this time instead of a month they are projecting a six week absence for the Captain.

  • If those two were not enough Prospal finally admitted he would need the surgery I have been expecting him to have for the past few weeks.  The surgery is scheduled for Tuesday and they are saying he is out indefinitely but my feeling is he is done for the year and anything the Rangers get from him this year is gravy.

  • On the Erik Christensen front Tortorella says that he should be back on Sunday, but Andrew Gross said that EC didnt seem so sure, we will see Monday against the young Avs.

Lines while all these guys are out.





This is while I think aves will be suspended, otherwise MZA probably stays in Hartford.  Bet the Rangers wish they waited a few more days to send Kennedy down.


  1. no good news there. have to hope that dubi-aa-cally can play like a #1 line to hold us afloat

  2. that's a lot of losses for a club that struggles offensively

  3. have to hope they can just stay afloat for the interim. i can see a lot of chatter about either making a panic trade or just tossing the season away.

  4. what do you make of the PSP treatment they say Gaborik is going to get?

  5. PSP from what i have read seems pretty safe and I have heard about it more in baseball that hockey, but it seems to be becoming more popular overall and is known to cut down healing times.

  6. As for the other comments, yes it is some big losses but you are right they need others specifically Dubi-AA-Cally to step up in the interim to hold water. I would not make a trade to fill it because desperation moves never end well, and teams will know you are dealing from weakness. Frolov also has to get going which means actually shooting the puck. I expect MZA to get a callup but it might not be before Monday's game, but he has scored in 2 straight for Hartford so maybe he gets the call tomorrow.

  7. We showed in the 1st two games that we didnt miss Drury. Did it again in th 3rd. We will miss Gabby, but at least Cally is still healthy.