Saturday, October 30, 2010

Colton Orr Skates Pink

There are a lot of reasons that Colton Orr is a missed commodity in the Rangers organization in the way he protected teammates, fought anyone at any time and just brought energy with his enforcer role. The other reason is he was a top quality person as he will show off tonight when the Rangers go to Toronto to face the Leafs and Orr laces up his new pink skates for "Hockey Fights Cancer." The skates are being warn in tribute to people he lost, in order to raise awareness and money to fight cancer as they will be auctioned off after the game and the proceeds going to Cancer research. Not many enforcers could get away with lacing up some pink skates, but if one can I have no doubt it will be Colton Orr.

Video of Orr talking about the skates along with seeing them: